About UnOptical

The Store. It’s Huge

QUANTITY AND QUALITY. Although the UnOptical doesn’t accept vision plans, Wojcicki says the shop’s volume means he can negotiate with labs and vendors and pass along savings. He adds that he doesn’t know how ECPs who take insurance make any money.

The Big Package. The Big Rack

PACKAGE STORE. The UnOptical has a sidewalk sandwich board sign that says, “Check Out the Big Package.” People stop, pose for pictures with it and sometimes post them online. “You have to get people to stop in front of your store,” he says. A water bowl for dogs serves the same purpose: “The dog will stop every single day, and then the humans stop and look in the store.”

Snobby and Pedestrian Frames

SOCIAL FANS. The UnOptical hasn’t run print ads for about four years, but it loves Facebook ads. Wojcicki calls them “super cheap, super easy to do and super fun,” and he tweaks ads often to see what pulls best. He also gives $50 to staff members who are mentioned by name in a Yelp review, because it shows they’ve created a connection with the customer.

One Of A Kind

MAKE LEMONADE. Through special sales of sunglasses donated by Marchon, the UnOptical has raised more than $83,000 over six years for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which generates funds for pediatric cancer research.

Optical Nerds

WAIT FOR IT. For people who have their eyes on a front-line frame that’s out of their price range, the annual “Addicted to Spex” sale — held three weeks in the fall — is a big draw, with 40 percent off complete pairs that aren’t available via the package deals.